Our Mission

To reach out to the post high school students and youths of our generation with the gospel of salvation is the mission of ICPF. We operate through Campus Groups, Youth Camps, Training program, Counseling, etc… Student Leaders are equipped as Campus witnesses. Dedicated graduates and seniors give effective leadership.


Graduates / seniors who were benefited by the ministries of ICPF, as well as parents and ministers who love God's work among collegians come together regularly to give effective prayer support and ministerial and financial backing for ICPF ministries. These units are known as the Christian Graduate Prayer Fellowship (CGPF).


Financial contribution from it's members and well wishers is the main income source of ICPF. You can make a regular monthly donation or a onetime donation towards a particular cause. Your donation will be acknowledged with a receipt or donation certificate by which you can claim tax excemption. Donation can be done by cash, check or via paypal.



Inter-Collegiate Prayer Fellowship is an organization committed to enriching and mentoring the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to empower them for the Divine Purpose of God in Worldwide Missions through personal and practical mentoring.

Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) is a full Gospel Christian Ministry which works primarily among students in various parts of the world with the goal of making them disciples of Jesus Christ. ICPF has grown into a global movement over the years, and it continues to grow and make an impact in different nations of the world. ICPF international Inc. is involved in training and equipping young people in different parts of the world with the basic principles of Discipleship, Servant Leadership, and Practical Evangelism. It is a student-led movement which has branched out to many other nations like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. It is also involved in conducting Discipleship and mentorship programs for Middle and High Schoolers, leadership training camps for young men and women, camps, in various nations so that God will transform a generation by the power of the gospel.


ICPF Camps and Ministries



IGNITE is the leadership ministry of Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) targeting students of 11- 16 years of age. In partnership with families, IGNITE exists as an intergenerational program to train these students to be true servant leaders, and to send them out as individuals of integrity who will transform their homes, schools, churches, communities and the world for Christ.



Equip is a program developed by ICPF International Missions to teach, train, and prepare male high school to college-aged students to be true disciples of Christ in their generation.



Empower is a program similar in structure and implementation geared towards the training of young women in ministry.


Campus Ministry

The student lead ministry is under the umbrella of ICPF (Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship) and is the campus ministry movement that migrated from India. ICPF campus ministry conducts on campus prayer meetings, Bible study groups, and outreach activities for international students on campus.


Prayer Conclave

Every year, the prayer warriors join together for a weekend to set apart time to pray for the vision to take action. Leaving the hustle bustle of work, business and home, a dedicated group of individuals comprising of thirty to forty people gather in a retreat center and knock on the doors of heaven for provision, protection, providence, and progress of the activities of the International Missions.


International Missions

Reaching people throughout the world with the love of Jesus Christ through Ignite, Equip, Empower, Medical Missions, and Samaritan's Feet camps.

Our Highlights:

Personal Counseling
Bible Study Groups
Student and Youth Camp
Campus Prayer Groups
Training Programs
Awareness Programs
Charity Works
Educational & Marriage Fund

Other Ministries


Ignite Ministry

Discipleship happens within the community and it is a long term process. With the intention to facilitate this process and to help build a Paul & Timothy relationship model between student leaders and students, we have developed monthly sessions...



Samaritan’s Feet

One avenue through which we practice the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus is by providing shoes for needy people in Cambodia and other regions in partnership with Samaritan Feet...



Mission Trip

Every year ICPF is conducting Mission Trips to various countries like Combodia, SriLanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam etc… These trips give an opportunity for our people to explore the various avenues of Missions...

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